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Shavertown, PA
reply to COjosh

Re: [DSL] Frontier Speed Issues at My Home

On My bill the line says High Speed Internet Max Term.

And yes I was sold up to 12mbps on the call which I thought was more than acceptable, I signed up in October 2011 It used to say 12mbps right on the bill now it doesnt.

I'm just looking for help because it is outrageous to be paying over 100.00 dollars a month for a service that doesnt provide what I was told it would.

I do understand the equipment issues, but for goodness sake I dont even have a N router, still a G

I have 4 Children and once the gaming or surfing commences I would be lucky to be able to even start to stream a movie with these low speeds. I believe my line can handle being provisioned for 7mbps
But I can't seem to get them to even try it, I mean whats the harm if it's unstable put it back!

Thanks for your continuing help.


I'm always late to the party when Smith is around..

Like he said, pester, pester, pester!

Find your local CO/Garage and stalk a Frontier van until you find the answers you are looking for.

The monkeys on the phones have nothing to go on other than loop records that are stamped with a max terminal speed even though, in the real world, there may be a drastic difference.

Only way to get the real dirt is to find a Frontier tech that actually KNOWS.


Shavertown, PA
Hey Thanks again guys, although I dont understand all the lingo, I get the point. I have a call in to a local manager I spoke to a while back to see if anything changed. I am really hoping to have him bump up my line as a test, if I could Just get to 5-7 I might be able to live with it.

Comcast does not run service to my home but they are 5/10ths of a mile away, might be worth it to just pay them to run it! I cant stand the speed I have now, its killing my work, and my personal fun!