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reply to MrBubbaHyde

Re: [DSL] Frontier Speed Issues at My Home

I'm always late to the party when Smith is around..

Like he said, pester, pester, pester!

Find your local CO/Garage and stalk a Frontier van until you find the answers you are looking for.

The monkeys on the phones have nothing to go on other than loop records that are stamped with a max terminal speed even though, in the real world, there may be a drastic difference.

Only way to get the real dirt is to find a Frontier tech that actually KNOWS.


Shavertown, PA
Hey Thanks again guys, although I dont understand all the lingo, I get the point. I have a call in to a local manager I spoke to a while back to see if anything changed. I am really hoping to have him bump up my line as a test, if I could Just get to 5-7 I might be able to live with it.

Comcast does not run service to my home but they are 5/10ths of a mile away, might be worth it to just pay them to run it! I cant stand the speed I have now, its killing my work, and my personal fun!