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Upland, CA

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Re: Had my sb5101u provisioned but now no phone signal

I provisioned a SB5101U the other day. I called in to CSR, they opened a case and then transferred me to the person doing the provisioning. Person doing the provisioning wanted me to plug in the new modem. I had to have her put the call on hold and then call me back on my cell as otherwise they would have gotten the next person in the queue to service. The line I called from was VOIP so as soon as I unplugged the old modem the call would have dropped. Once she called back I canceled the call on hold. Unplugged old modem and then plugged in new modem, connected ethernet cable to modem, and TWC cable to modem. They then went through the process of making sure the new modem was good and then asked me if I had an internet connection. Others have called in to get provisioned and then only plugged in the new modem when they got a call back or the old modem stopped working. hth

ETA: You don't get credit for the old modem until you turn it into a TWC store.

ETA2. If your phone is VOIP, then power down/off your cable modem, router and ATA and then repower the cable modem, the router and the ATA in that order. Think that is the order recommended IIRC.