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North Salem, NY
reply to kickass69

Re: Hurricane Sandy-Frankenstorm Outages/Issues/Updates

Up here in North Salem, I've only seen a generator chained to a pole once - after one of the megastorms in 2011 (can't remember which). During Sandy, the power went out at 3:00 pm on Monday Oct 29, and the cable went out 2.5 hours later. The power came back on at 12:30 pm Wednesday Nov 7, and the cable came back with it. We have a manual-start generator with a manual transfer switch, so we have no good way to tell if the power is back. So we just look at the modem, and if it's working, then we know there's power. I don't think we ever had a case where the power came back and the cable didn't. During these big storms, it's several days before we see any trucks from the electric or phone utilities, but Optimum is always there right from Day 1. If they could teach these Optimum people to work on power lines, I think we'd get our power back a lot faster.


Norwalk, CT
this was the first time our power came on but we did not have cable, it was so strange took them about 24 hrs after power came back on


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
I was fortunate and did not lose power to my home (one of ~10% of LIPA customers), but my cable went down at 5:30 PM last week Monday. I got my cable back this Sunday at 6:30 PM. 2 blocks down from me there was a sizable section of the town that lost power, and I'm sure the amplifiers & other equipment on the line lost power. While they use generators, none was on my node or other equipment (amplifiers/etc), probably because of low impact of part of a node vs restoring a full node elsewhere.


Cortlandt Manor, NY
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Same issue here... My node had power - but the Power supply for the amps a mile East of it did not - and thus I had no internet for a week.... I am still a happy CV customer - just a little less happy than before...
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