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Newtown, PA

listener 1 or listener 2

Hi everyone, not sure if my topic should be here or the TV forum, so mods feel free to move if you feel necessary.

I just got a new Rev I router to replace my Rev D. When connected to my old router, my MRDVR would say listener 1 started when I ran the self diagnostics. After I hooked it to the new router, it now says listener 2 started.

I've googled the differences and found that listener 1 is a UDP protocol which is apparently more reliable than listener 2 which is a TCP protocol, which is what it says under the port forwarding rules under firewall settings on the router.

I am able to see my dvr, schedule recording and see my recordings and such when I log into verizon.com.

Is there a difference between listener 1 and listener 2 such that I should contact verizon to have them remap the port to have listener 1 listed on the DVR?


united state
·Verizon FiOS
If it is working I would leave it alone.

Reliable is a relative term depending on where it is used. When talking about UDP vs. TCP, UDP is unreliable and TCP is reliable. UDP is send and forget. TCP will make sure all the packets are received.