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Lakeside, CA
reply to cymraeg

Re: [Classes] Warlock 5.0.5

said by cymraeg:

okay that doesnt explain the debate it just tells me about it, ill ask differently this time. why is 8% hit a good thing for more dps? why is 15% not?

edit; sorry just saw immers post i get it now

Sorry, I am not being vague on purpose. There is just way to much information, simtests, and theorycrafting to be able to post anything that would provide a coherent read. My best results have been the warlock forums on icy veins and the official warlock forums. I reforged into mastery/haste and I have "personally" noticed large gains.
Item Level 463 - 490ish
Haste > Mastery > Hit > Crit

Item Level 490ish - 500ish
Mastery > Haste > Hit > Crit

Item Level 500+
Mastery > Hit > Haste > Crit