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Re: [Cable] 2 month daily issue resolved, it's an "upgrade&

I see where you are going with this and in principle I agree with you and every single thing you stated. The only disagreement we may have is that despite the horrible situation Teksavvy is in, at the end of the day they were not forced into this business. Teksavvy knew from the start the awkward situation they would be in if they wished to be in this business. Secondly at the end of the day I am the customer and Teksavvy is doing me no favour letting me be their customer.

I have been very, very patient over the last few months regarding this issue, never said even one rude word and I was pretty much a pushover every time I called Teksavvy. I think I even apologized at one point on the phone to them for keeping them on hold for 15 seconds.

With what I am seeing here, there is a known issue Teksavvy is having in regards to DHCP, especially in the Ottawa area which they don't seem to want to talk about. I also don't appreciate being told it's due to maintenance because this ONE TIME out of the countless times I called the IP lease was only for one hour. So they (Teksavvy) ignore everything else including it's down EIGHT hours or sometimes even more for this "maintenance/upgrade", the fact my father across the street with Teksavvy cable and the same model of modem doesn't have this issue (if the upgrades are THIS localized and it takes 2 months + to do this upgrade, it will be decades until they finish Toronto or Rogers must have a 10,000 workers out there each night), the fact this was going on for 2 months this so called "maintenance", the ignoring of the disconnects that happen for a few minutes all day long, the ignoring of all the other IP lease times I've had and just focusing on this one time, the staying home all day cancelling plans waiting for a call that was promised that never happened, and the ignoring of the power levels during these "maintenance" times. That's all I can think of at this moment, and this is ALL Teksavvy, not Rogers. Also I love that if my internet isn't down at this one second I am calling in despite it happens daily, according to them there is "no issue" . I just love that. Oh yeah, they also ignore my neighbour (who I literally share a wall with dividing the home) is with Rogers and when it goes down her internet is fine. But please Teksavvy, keep sticking with the fact this ONE time I had a lease time of 1 hour and run with it so I don't call in for the next few months. With Rogers I already know what to expect, crap, but what can I say about Teksavvy? I also love waiting on hold for an hour, even sometimes at 8PM at night, hearing the same looping music again and again, I think I remember reading about the hold times a year ago, yeah I guess it takes a while to hire more people.

THESE are the reasons I'm upset. Also you are right, Rogers doesn't read tickets. Teksavvy doesn't either. Earlier today I explained my problem through PM in detail and the moment I said "it's working now" (As it ALWAYS works this time of day, that's not the issue.) I received a reply of "Great to hear it's working! If you have any further problems please call us back." I almost broke the computer screen when I read that.

I think I've been OVERLY fair here, and half the personal issues I had with Teksavvy have NOTHING to do with Rogers.

Anyways, thank you for the reply. I do see what you are saying.


·TekSavvy Cable
trust me, i feel your frustration, brother. I've had more than my fair share of troubles with cable and TSI.

and i really don't know what to recommend to help - you can keep pushing for more and more tickets, hoping that TSI can get Rogers to send out a tech who knows what they're doing who might be able to sort out the source of your trouble...

but if it only happens at night, that might be tough even for a competent tech... and we know that not all the techs are competent

and if its really an intermittent problem with the line, switching to Rogers probably isn't going to help anything, other than maybe getting more money out of your wallet... so what do you do?

i wish i knew. i'd say switch to DSL but that might be asking for a whole new set or problems with a different incumbent


yeap. I could attest to DSL problem as well. I used to suffer an evening youtube stuttering problem for 2.5 months before finally a Bell technician decided to change to a spare slot. They even credited me for a portion of that at the end. No fun at all. But which one is the lesser of the two evils indeed?