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Richmond, VA
reply to Freddy

Re: Full System Backup in Windows 8

Well I am playing around with Windows backup and I am beginning to see why you read what you read. I am trying (to absolutely no success) to set up "File History". When I click the control panel icon, nothing happens. I have been reading a lot about it and what I have discovered is that the Windows 7 backup service and File History cannot co-exist. One is turned off if the other is on. That's fine and dandy except that I have tried everything to make "File History" work and I can't. I've turned off the backup service, I've checked to make sure Windows Search is turned on (yes this needs to be on for File History), I've rebooted, I've made sure there were no backup tasks defined and nothing works. Very frustrated. I read one review of "File History" which stated it appeared to be written by an intern and I am beginning to agree.

Anyway, what you read may very well be correct. If you want to use all the features of Windows 8, you may very well have to turn that Windows 7 feature off. That's too bad.