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[VA] high packet loss/ high jitter / latency spikes cox va

ok so since the storm passed through i have been getting massive problems with my internet usually i have 0% packet loss and around 20ms stable ping with 0 jitter but now

as you can see by these results its terrible
ive had a tech come out and check all connections modem etc and a road tech too who checked the connection road side nothing found
has anyone else had these problems in the hampton roads area VA


so after reasearching for a while this seems to be a nationwide issue
with alot of the major hubs down int he country and average national packet loss at 25%
»www.internettrafficreport.com/na ··· rica.htm
one of the possible answers maybe this
»news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-574699 ··· control/
however the chrisis has gone-meaning sandy so why the funk havent these hubs been turned back on
also it explains why alot of cox customers have been recieving higher than usuall dl speeds and ul speeds, because over a quarter of the nation are having problems
ugh ...please post if you know why this is happening for over a week now my internet feels like im back on dsl 255k modem again


reply to rclout
It's hard to say what's going on. I did notice that from my location here in CT many of the pingtest servers that have always worked fine seemed to be unable to receive or send packets and yet other pingtest servers worked just fine and graded my Cox connection with a Line Quality grade of A. Also, the line quality test here at DSLR showed 0% packet loss and very low latency. Pingplotter shows 0% packet loss and a steady low latency turn-around time of less than 20 ms to my usual ping target in NYC. I know it doesn't answer the question about the sluggish connection you are experiencing but I wonder if there is also a temporary issue with some of the pingtest.net installation(s)?
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