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Saint Paul, MN
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[Business] Problems getting SB6121 added/provisioned

Update Edit: CC level 2 called me back and finally got the damn thing provisioned. I appreciate the help, but I still don't know why level 1 couldn't do all of this on day 1. Neither did the level 2 tech.


Huzzah, Comcast is finally allowing BC customers to use owned SB6121 modems. The problem is that it seems ridiculously hard to get them onlined.

1) Level 1 support lost the ability to add a modem to an account. I found this out a few days ago when I picked up an SB6121 after work, brought it home, and the poor tech kept getting "Cannot Modify Customer-Owned Equipment."

2) Level 1 support cannot talk directly to Level 2 support but must file tickets. I found this out when the tech discovered problem (1) after level 2 support had gone home.

3) Level 2 support can make mistakes. I found this out when I got a callback from them today when I was offsite; no problem, they can just add the modem and then level 1 can switch it over. Too bad the MAC address was not what I had logged in the original request (i.e. wrong). Yes I triple confirmed the MAC using the phonetic alphabet, as well as logging the serial number.

4) Level 2 support can't be contacted on an escalated issue like this. Even though the first (or second?) tech told me they were on call from 7AM-8PM, nobody could reach them at around 6. This is a problem for home offices.

5) You can't track any of your issues anyway because the CR keeps changing on every call/escalation. I know people like large numbers of closed tickets for feelgood metrics at the end of the month, but adding and provisioning my approved modem is one problem, not the 6 to 12 it will wind up recorded as.

6) Well, I know that getting a call back on something simple like this in a timeframe of up to 3 business days may seem silly, but it's better than the 20 days I was originally quoted. Apparently there are 2 departments that can add modems; maybe the one that takes 20 days is the one that gets the MAC right.

The sad thing is that if problem (1) was fixed, nothing else would be an issue. When I first signed up for business class, I liked the ability of the phone techs to solve issues. Please give them the tools to solve issues again.

Never thought I would say it, but I'm starting to miss my RG 0 8014.

Cat Scratch

You had to call in to get the SB6121 provisioned for Business Class service? Strange...

My steps were;

1. Go to Costco and buy the SB6121

2. Come home and disconnect the SMCD3G

3. Connect the SB6121 directly to the computer and power on the modem

4. Open a browser and follow the steps in the Walled Garden

5. Disconnect the SB6121 from the computer and reconnect it to my Linksys router

6. Connect computer to the router - Done

7. No phone call to Comcast involved

Where I ran into problems were when I tried to return the SMCD3G to the local Comcast office.
The lady that helped me couldn't remove it from my business account but promised that she would take care of it once she contacted their main office. I made sure that I got a receipt for the gateway though.

Two months go by and the SMCD3g is STILL on my billing, so I had to call Comcast billing. They saw that I had returned the SMC but someone forgot to remove it from the account and they credited my account.

Bah Humbug
The Boro
·Comcast Business..
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I also had no problems using the walled garden to activate the SB6121 for my business class account. I had also previously been able to activate an old DOCSIS 2 DCM202 using the walled garden after the second time my SMCD3G-CCR was reset and taken out of bridge mode by a Comcast CSR. Both the SB6121 and the DCM202 now show on my on-line equipment inventory despite the fact that Comcast does not have the DCM202 on their approved list for business class usage.

I also had problems returning my SMCD3G-CCR. My local office refused to accept it because they said that they did not handle business class accounts at that office. I tried to get business class phone support to provide an RMA and a shipping address, but that also was not allowed. The only way I was able to return it was for the phone support CSR to schedule a tech visit to pick it up. I got a $99.95 charge on my bill for that call, but I was able to complain and get it removed from the bill.
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