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East York, ON
reply to CYYZ

Re: [Cable] 2 month daily issue resolved, it's an "upgrade&

Sounds exactly like my issue, which you can read about here:

»TekSavvy - glorified reseller, not ISP

I'm quite certain the problem is maintenance. I doubt you swapping your modem will get you any benefits ... the issue at the heart of the matter seems to be Rogers is doing maintenance / upgrades, and TSI seems to have no ability to improve the situation. I agree it's ridiculous that this "maintenance" goes on for so long - something is wrong with the way they're going about it.

I currently have a ticket (one of many that they've opened with Rogers) in "escalation" to the network team, but I won't be surprised if it comes back as "no problem found" or the same answer you got, which is that they are doing upgrades in my area. I'm just about done with TSI, to be honest. I don't know that switching back to Rogers will make things better, but I do know that I didn't have these extended headaches with them when I was. Either that'll be the case again (which, to me, makes it worth the slightly higher monthly cost), or I'll just have to find another solution.

FYI, this started late July for me... although it hasn't been daily. I'd say, altogether, in the range of 35+ nightly issues over this period.

If you want a better way to track what's going on, you should set up a Line Monitor:

»Line Monitoring

Won't improve your situation, but it'll tell you exactly when the problem is happening (with a certain degree of precision - I've found that low-level packet loss doesn't always show up).


Saint-Hubert, QC
teksavvy is like quantum physic.

teksavvy say they provide internet
quantum say it's science.

Sometime it works. And if it doesn't , average it out.

ping with 32 bytes, see it works... lol
ping the full packet size, it doesn't

But it works at 32 bytes, so we dont support packet size over 1400 bytes...

I dint know there was a new standard? I didn,t see the draft.
How is it called, the rfc-jitter draft?

So you are right maybe, it must be some upgrade, that didn't go so well, for the last two months.