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Palmdale, CA

[TWC] Palmdale, CA...Horrible HD Video Lag during Peak Hours

I posted this over in the direct support last night, but I thought I'd also try to get any opinion on this. I've not gotten a response over there yet. I'm pretty stumped. Its absolutely unwatchable this evening and I'm about ready to rage. I'm just trying to watch my tournaments, and its lagging and stuttering every 2-3 seconds. Every computer in the house is doing it tonight.


I've had, for the past few months, a major problem watching 1080p+ and 720p+ videos from Twitch.TV during the evenings. I seem to have no problems until around 5-6pm. After that, I get fairly regular lag/dropped frames until around 11pm when it clears up. This happens even on weekends. I had TWC come out to look at what the tech said was low signal on the line.

This was the before service: »i.imgur.com/nYa3r.png
and this was after service: »i.imgur.com/6LLiq.png

There was some minor improvement in signal after the tech did his work. He found a cable that shouldn't have been attached that was causing interference. In the morning hours, my signal will be around 0 to -2.5. Pretty good in my opinion, but in the evening hours it get worse, probably as the system gets loaded. There was no difference in this video freeze after the tech's visit.

I took a short 3 minute video of one of the problems I've seen. This problem happens near EVERY night while watching my Starcraft 2 tournaments. Note especially around the two minute mark.

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_fH4z9y ··· H4z9ygyY

No one else out of the +4000 viewers are having this problem. I have this exact same issue on 4 other computers in the house. I'm 100% certain the computers are not the issue. I've tested them at other locations with other providers w/o problems. I also have this exact problem bypassing my routing going straight to the TWC provided SBG6580, so I've rules out my customer network equipment.

I'm at a loss. My speedtest is consistent 24/7, yet I can not watch 1080p+ or 720+ videos on any computer, ONLY during the evenings. During this time, I also do not have any issues downloading large files, just watching video. The local techs have been out, but only found that one issue.

»www.speedtest.net/result/2293528 ··· 8049.png

Any Ideas? This is my main form of entertainment, and is the reason I went with TWC for the speed.

Edit: I'm having issues this morning getting a consistant upload to any Twitch server. It doesn't matter if I'm uploading/broadcasting at 500kbps or 3800kbps, its always condition Yellow which means its not consistantly pushing the the bitrate setting I tell it to.
Here is the line condition for this morning. It doesn't look good in my opinion.


New for this evening. The lag has forced me to drop the quality from 1080p+ down to 480p, just so I can see video w/o the lag. This is the worst its been. In the past hour, I've watched the Uncorrectables on each channel go to 800-1000. Not sure if that's even part of the problem, but I'd hope that that wouldn't be a problem.

Any ideas?