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Chantilly, VA

[FiOS Phone] Digital Voice - Intermittent Quality

Had FIOS, all services, for some time. DV has always been of a very high quality - incoming and outgoing voice calls. Recently, not exactly sure when it started, the voice on my end has been distorted - almost as if packets are being dropped. Went thru all inside wiring trouble shooting. Disconnected all attached cordless phones. Used a corded phone. Problem still occurs.

Opened the ONT box and plugged in a phone. First time the distortion was there. Second test it was ok.

Tech visit is scheduled a couple of days from now. I'm concerned that it will work fine when they visit. Still intermittent today.

Anyone have an idea what may be causing this?

By getting it on the ONT test jack, I know it's not my inside wiring.


Madison, VA
Our DV distortion started a few weeks ago. I thought it was our cordless set, which is less than a year old. I did the same as you, disconnected cordless base station and used corded phone except I didn't test using the ONT box.

Local calls are bad but we have had dropped long distance and 800 calls as well. I'll be following your progress.