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Washington, DC

[DVR] Quad coordination issue

Quad feeding a Yamaha RX-V765 AV amp/switcher [which I refuse to call a receiver since there's no RF involved...so THERE..] & on to a flat panel.

It was set up correctly; the TIVO remote woud power the 765/TV up & down, no problem. The remote would control the amp volume.

But yesterday, something changed. While the turnoff is still happening; the RCN remote is not turning on the 765.

If I turn on the 765 separately, it starts on the correct HDMI input, but then jumps to AV1 for some reason. If I manually turn it back to HDMI, it's fine from then on. The 765 volume control still works, the off still works, so it does not appear the remote has totally forgotten about the 765...

Somewhere I can recall some documentation about setting up the Quad with home theatre gear...but can't find it now. I don't find any mention of Quads in the RCN Fine Manual section of the website. Any pointers?

The Hero of Time
Bath, PA
I've had a similar issue happen to me, although I don't have mine setup as nicely as you. Turns out the TiVO just needed a reboot. Have you tried that?