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Morro Bay, CA
reply to grimalkin74

Re: [HSI] Unreliabile service with charter.

Hold on here...the internet feels uncharacteristically smooth. Woot! The Charter gods are smiling on my line tonight.

I've received a few "it's not us, it's your equipment" excuses.
- One day it was the router. "Oh, it's not rented from us?"
- Then it was my wireless APs. "Oh, it's not built in to the unit rented from us?"
- Then it moved on to my PCs. "Isn't this a server?"
- ...and the switches. "Are you sure this isn't a router?"
- ...then the network settings. "Static IPs and DNS on your LAN?"
- ...after I recorded a whole 4 days of dropped packets with software: "We can't accept this as evidence - your testing software is too sensitive"
- Moving to the outrageous: "Try using another ethernet cable, like the one we supplied in the box"
- And the final injustice: "Maybe it's your power outlet?"

We should start another thread where people post their most outrageous experiences with level 1 tech support calls and onsite techs.


Morro Bay, CA
Power outlet? Wow, that is up there in stupid levels.

Now that I'm in my new house, and have had NO issues for several days I'm happy again. The Install Tech was flat out awesome and did exactly what I needed/ wanted. The only hitch, was the equipment turn in, I didn't get a receipt on my end, which was stupid, but I did get the tech number and name of the tech which should cover me, I hope.


Morro Bay, CA

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Well my call to the city, was finally answered, now, I'm waiting for a call from one of the charter city liaisons. This could be interesting to see where it goes. Mean while if you live in the Morro bay region i would suggest you call the city, and let them know.

and for tonight,