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Saint Louis, MO
reply to Selenia

Re: They are only allowing FaceTime on the iPhone 5.

said by Selenia:

said by Morac:

In the meantime, we are announcing today that we will support FaceTime, not only on our Mobile Share plans, but also on all of our tiered data plans with an LTE device.

The only LTE device is the iPhone 5 (and technically the iPad). So people with iPhone 4 or 4S won't be getting this, even if they are on a tiered plan. They'll still need to get the mobile share plan.

Even iPhone 5 users could end up not getting this. It requires being in an area with LTE.

You are full of crap. Countless Androids on AT&T support LTE, including mine, and have since way before the iphone5 came out. I purchased my Pantech Burst in February 2012. Great phone at a good price. Sure, Facetime is an Apple thing, but there are countless ways to video chat on Android. SIP clients and Yahoo Messenger, just to name a couple. There are many more, but those 2 I personally use and can verify work nicely, even over HSPA+.

this is a discussion concerning facetime and use on the netwrok - last time I looked a android was not capable of running facetime, LTE or not - in the context of the subject matter, the iphone 5 IS the only LTE device that would qualify for utilizing FACETIME over a tieredplan