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Mechanicsville, VA
reply to CaptainRR

Re: Funny company

said by CaptainRR:

I was in Grafton two weeks ago and yes they are still on 1x. But interestingly nearby Morgantown they just deployed LTE right over 1xRTT.

Are you sure that was a Verizon signal you were getting? Verizon doesn't sell service in Morgantown. They have it in the Clarksburg area then you are on US Cellular until you hit the PA state line.

So they must have just gotten and agreement with US Cellular to provide the data.

Blue Rock, OH
That is a really funky setup in that part of West Virgina. Verizon bought PCS spectrum from Northcoast a few years back from Clarksburg to Morgantown including Fairmont. Pretty much piecemeal network. It was a good while before they started selling in the Clarksburg area after it was built out. They just fired up the 3G in Clarksburg not that long ago. As far as I know they are using there spectrum and built out 1x voice to go with the LTE in Morgantown. Like I said above the only place I get LTE with extended voice from US Cellular is from Hancock, MD to Hagerstown. I do indicate on my smartphone and wireless card Verizon wireless service in Morgantown now. I checked there coverage map and that also shows Verizon wiress service in that area also.