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Ellisville, MS

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[Modem] Trouble installing Motorola 2210-02 modem

Hi, everyone. I recently bought a new hard drive and am having problems getting my Motorola 2210-02 installed. I got Windows XP set up and ran the modem's installation CD. It successfully went through the steps of confirming that I have the necessary memory, network adapter, etc., but after a few minutes of trying to make a connection, an error appeared saying that it could not determine the default gateway. All four lights on the modem were green at that point. I tried resetting the modem, but that made no difference. I can connect the modem to my wireless router, and the AT&T DSL works fine on my laptop & XBox. It just doesn't want to work on my desktop for some reason. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Open a command prompt and run the following:

ipconfig /all

Post the results.


Ellisville, MS
reply to RazorHall
I was about to post those ipconfig results the other day when it finally hit me... open up the Control Panel and check the Device Manager. (Should've done that before I posted here... oops.) Sure enough, there were about four items on the list that hadn't installed properly when I ran the Windows XP installation disc. A couple of those items were related to the network, and now that I've used my Resource CD to install those drivers, the modem works perfectly. So, thanks anyway!