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Re: [Raiding] Old Content Raids

I havnt heard that its going as far as ICC, what i have read and gathered is that its from MC up to Naxx that has converted to being able to go in solo and some of the bosses will drop a pet.

dont know how many ill be able to solo, im pretty sure ill still need help to do naxx even at 90

Topeka, KS

There's less "converting" and more "removal of restriction". You just no longer need a raid group to enter. And it's any pre-MoP raid. So you could walk into Firelands solo if you really wanted to.

Since Ragnaros was a 40-man raid boss, he's got 1m HP. 20-man bosses on the other hand....Kurinaxx has 318,400 HP in AQ20, Ossirian has 477,600. So yeah, we've got as much HP as level 60 raid bosses. We'd be tougher to take down, though, from the 27 levels more than a level 60 raid boss.


Someone should totally get a 20-man raid full of level 60s and try and defeat a level 90.
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