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Re: Better games in 2013 hopefully???

I know the feeling, many games I toke a look at lately I don't see anything that interests me nor jumps out and wants me to buy it.
I'm an old type hard gamer so.. But I can't judge mmo games since I only played a couple due to my connection and those two made me yawn. My brothers use to play final fantasy 11 (i think) online and that was when we had dial up, man those were the days but now thats all over.

I love those tiny and/or old games like trine or limbo or bastion.. Never was a fan of the bored games like I am alive or Lucius, Lucius was an alright game but it reminds me so much of the movie called: "sick girl" and what i mean is its all disgusting and disturbing. Nothing scarred me but it just was not fun or certainly not funny even for that matter and this tells me no good games will be about in the year of 2013, just too many boring games):