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Re: Holmes Fan Forum closed !?!

The following is not theory but fact.

The moderators were told by their administrator that discussions were held by the office (nobody specified) to determine what to do

The following options were mentioned:

Archive the forum which had over 1/4 million posts.

Hire a new administrator which would have to be paid.

Place advertising on the forum to cover the cost.

As I mentioned in previous posts, there was no mention of shutting the forum down completely.

I even offered to have my son, who is an IT specialist with IBM, fix the spam problem for them, without any cost to them.

I received a polite thank you.

I find it hard to believe too but over 9 years Mike posted exactly once on the forum, a Christmas message the first

As long as we don't get an explanation, all we can do is make assumptions



St Catharines, ON
I too am disappointed to see the Holmes Forum shut down. I was a member there going back a number of years, and usually enjoyed reading through the posts, and jumping in when I could contribute something worthwhile.

I gotta give the mods there credit (Jundee, Navyguy et al....) for keeping the threads on-topic, keeping the spam and flamewars to a minimum and basically making it an enjoyable forum to participate in. A thankless job, especially considering they were all volunteers.

I can understand the Holmes group's reasoning for pulling the plug though. If they don't have direct control over the content, and don't have the time/budget to pay someone to oversee it, I can see why they wouldn't want their name associated with it. Perhaps they could have renamed it the 'Unofficial Mike Holmes Fan Forum' if they were concerned about protecting the Holmes brand image?


The fan forum was independant before Holmes decided to take it over.

As far as control is concerned, Mike's daughter was administrator & you can rest assured she didn't hesitate to pull the moderators short if she deemed it neccessary.

We also all had to sign an agreement to adhere to certain rules when they took over ownership.