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Re: Structural Issues

said by elefante72:

Tmobile and Sprint are the junior cell companies and they are at the tip of the spear in an accelerating trend: prepaid.

Agreed. People are sick of being locked into overpriced 2 year contracts. I went to Virgin from Verizon and got more minutes, more texts, and kept unlimited data for half the price. My signal is even better at work and at my house. I now that last point won't apply to everyone, of course, but this has been a total win for me. There's not reason I'd ever go back to post-paid. Maybe I'll switch again to the new Nexus and T-Mobile, because with no ETF I could just sell my current Evo V and subsidize the purchase that way.

West Tenness
pre-paid phones suck ass and cost a ton. Straight Talk has the Galaxy S II which is a decent phone, especially for prepaid but it's $350. Where is the savings when you have to cough up $350 up front? I can get a Galaxy S III for $230 from Verizon and I'm including the upgrade fee in that. Besides the fact Straight Talk uses at&t network which only recently added 3g to my area. Maybe when at&t adds 4G or even just fake 4G I would consider pre-paid.


do the math prepaid vs post paid over 24 month with initial phone purchase


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
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The value is Straight Talk is a flat $45 per month before taxes- about $50 with taxes. Also ST uses more than just AT&T. You can find the carrier that the phone uses by looking at the model sticker on the side of the packing.

T= T-Mobile
S= Sprint
V= Verizon

And Metro has even shown that prepaid customers tend to upgrade MORE often than post paid customers at the rate of every 6 months.


Fremont, OH

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I'll pay $1205 over the course of 2 years if I keep the same phone. Compared to $2000+ on post paid. Especially since postpaid unlimited normally starts at about 100$.


Schaumburg, IL

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Except you're not stuck with using the phones provided by the carriers for prepaid...not in the slightest. With AT&T and T-Mobile you have GSM...same with their MVNOs. You can use any phone that uses a GSM Sim and supports that carrier's frequencies. Just get a sim from the carrier and setup and account with the carrier and you're good to go. I should know....I switched from Sprint post-paid to T-Mobile prepaid.

I'm using my Galaxy Nexus bought direct from Google in the summer. I'm on the $30/100 minute/unlimited text/5GB data plan. I don't go over the 100 minutes as I use VOIP at home and at work when on Wifi.

With that plan I save about $60 per month over what I was paying with Sprint (450 minute plan). In December I will have saved enough to offset the cost of the ETF. By June I will have saved enough to offset the cost of my GNex as well.

With Sprint, had I stuck with them, I wouldn't have been able to upgrade my phone until February...and that's with a new 2 year contract. Now I'm seriously considering upgrading for a second time to get Nexus 4.

Just depends on what you use with Prepaid...I'm saving tons.

Used this guide more or less..


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I got my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V for $49. I pay $35 a month for 10 times as minutes as I ever use, unlimited text and data. My Optimus rocks (especially after I rooted it).

Why are you just looking at Straight Talk? Quoting only ST when looking at prepaid options is like using the Jacksonville Jaguars as an example for the NFL.


Straight Talk uses major networks' towers. Depends where you are in the country, you could be on ATT or Verizon's towers. Also, you can purchase just the SIM and use it in your own unlocked phone, ATT or Verizon's phone as well without having to root your smartphone to custom ROM like some of the other prepaid carriers will make you do if you are using your own smart phones. Really, no comparison IMHO..


Fremont, OH
my straight talk phone uses Sprint. As I noted above, they use all carriers that own their own networks, TMO, ATT, VZ and Sprint. It just depends on the area you purchase your phone and the phone.


reply to EasyBob
There is one phone that will work on Verizon. And obviously, a given phone can't switch back and forth, but they have SIM cards and several phones that run on AT&T. AT&T includes roaming partners, Verizon doesn't. They seem to default to Sprint, probably because Sprint is very MVNO-friendly, and charges cheaper rates for their crappy network.