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Fort Erie, ON
reply to dsa

Re: Montreal has no mayor: Tremblay resigns due to corruption.

Dude, I live in the Niagara Peninsula. Hamilton and Niagara Falls are here. There is more mob activity that goes on here than anyone will ever care to admit.

It isn't, however, heavily involved in politics or construction, at least outside of a very limited scope in Niagara Falls or the few construction companies that are *known* to have mob ties. Beyond that, there's very little political involvement, and the mob doesn't have their hands in the jar of every construction company. Comparatively speaking, there's ziltch in Ontario in that regard compared to what goes on in Quebec. I say this as someone who works in the construction industry.

Like I said, you guys in Quebec were just more corrupt, and on top of that weren't very good at doing it, either.

Furthermore, if the best excuse Quebec can come up with for their corruption scandals is to cry "Ontario does it too!" - without any concrete proof, no less - it just goes to show the very sad state of affairs that is political integrity in that province, or for the ability of Quebecers to demand more of their elected officials. Cry me a river, because this kind of bullshit doesn't work on me.