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Chicago, IL
reply to brianjmc1971

Re: Hurricane damage to office, need advice on battery backup

said by brianjmc1971:

agreed, a lot of standby generators come with battery for the time from when the electric dies and the generator starts up.


wait, i am confused?

why would a generator come with a UPS for your router, switches and servers?

my office setup:

-generator with a transfer switch to handle auto power hand off from the power company to the generator

-UPS devices in the server room (the two main UPS devices are on separate phases in the panel. if i lose a phase i only lose 1 UPS.

-each server has two power supplies. one goes into ups 1 on phase A and the other goes into ups 2 on phase b

each workstation has a UPS as well.

there have been times when we lost power and the only thing that shut off were the office lights (quick flicker when switching from power company to generator). users kept working since their PC and monitor is on a UPS.

i only bring this up because if you are going to do it, do it right (and factor in other trades work (which you have...electrician and plumber, i needed both to complete my setup).

also, the UPS sending you an email is nice, but what if a storm takes out your internet and power? you wont be able to login and shut them down.

doesnt APC have software that you can install on all your servers and have them shutdown properly? the only problem might be an exchange server (not virtual) those take some time to boot down. my old one took 30 minutes to shut down (this was on older hardware as well).