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Long Island,
reply to MagicalPig

Re: Gas rationing as of 11/9, is it really going to work ?

said by MagicalPig:

I think it is more of a honor system and public pressure type of thing.

In NJ (by me at least) The lines are practically non existent now. I think with the even/odd and the fact we are getting gas shipped in it is working very well. When it first started and I was almost on empty I had to wait about 30 min as opposed to 2+ hrs for gas. Also at many of stations by me they have cops at the stations directing and managing traffic so they could enforce it. I talked to one attendant and he said that he wasn't checking and it was on the cops if they wanted to.

It is one of those things that the majority of people will follow and it will help out. For those that don't they are a$$holes but oh well.

unfortunately here on Long Island (Suffolk), there are too many here in Suffolk who could give a rats ass about the "honor system" much less respecting others who honor the "honor system".
like driving on the LIE, 75mph is not fast enough for the stickface behind you in the escalade who tailgates and flashes the headlights at you when theres plenty of other lanes available to pass slower vehicles so the driver can maintain their 100mph speed on the LIE.
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