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This is a sub-selection from Sigh


Chesterfield, MO
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Re: Sigh

That depends on whether we solve the need by granting every available mhz to incumbents or if there is a need for an alternative that motivates new competitors invest and provide the additional capacity.

If current players don't have a crunch but create one and then proceed to acquire all they can, it leaves competitors with whatever crumbs are left or leasing wholesale capacity from incumbents.

There's nothing wrong with corporations doing all they can to increase their competitive edge. We expect no less from sports teams that exploit every possible talent achieve a winning record. However, when they try to do it by pulling a Jeff Gillooly (Tonya Harding), there has to be a good set of rules and a diligent referee/umpires/judge mechanism to prevent it. If it's already occurred, then they alert the executive branch so they can step in and enforce the rules.

It's also part of every corporation's mission to complain about the rules and, if they can, get them changed to their advantage.

The real question is do we have such rules and such a mechanism to adequately govern telecommunications free enterprise? Maybe we do. Maybe we don't.

In closing, whats wrong with consumers voicing concerns in opposition of corporations that use every conceivable angle to separate us from our money and be successful?