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Denver, CO
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Re: Need Help - PPP on computer does not work

That Google search string I gave you turned up some interesting hits. Looks like that modem is weird and has to be setup "non-normal" as opposed to what I can do with my modem.


Thanks Ken1943! That's weird. The speedstream did work before as PPP on computer and my router does the PPPoE connection. It was one night maybe about 1 or 2 years ago when it lost connection then afterwards I called AT&T tech support and was told to set my speedstream to PPP on modem. To me I thought something must have changed on AT&T side that required the speedstream to be set PPP on modem to connect.

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I wish I could offer a solution, but AT&T has indeed on numerous occasions changed the way that they handle PPPoE (PPPoE is not really standardized), and/or pushed firmware to their AT&T branded "modems" that keep them from operating properly in bridge mode. I have been a victim of this kind of activity myself, and I have seen it happen to several clients.

The only solution (short of trying different combinations of modems and routers until you find a combination that works), is to give up and do the PPPoE in the "modem", and either put your router's WAN interface in the "modem's" DMZ, or use your secondary router as only an access point (if it is a wireless router and the WiFi capability is your primary reason for using the secondary router).
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reply to Saver2
Just something that may or may not be helpful. If you look closely at the modem's setup, you might discover something like "service" or "hostname" that may be a key for the router to include - if it can. It may not be able to.

I'm several years away from playing with PPP but I recall using some PPP tools to get listings of the available services - if there's more than one it's a key to select the right one. Too often, routers use a strange name for this setting (like "put something here if your ISP says to" ).

It could be as simple as putting the right name as a hostname, too. Or NOT using what the router uses by default. Another setting obscured by simple router interfaces. The PPP negotiation needs a hostname and it may be generic or grabbed from the router's name, for example.

Like mentioned, AT&T forums may have the key. Good luck!

EDIT: Was just looking at »ui.linksys.com/files/E2500/1.0.0 ··· ppoe.htm

It's pretty clear where "Service Name (Optional)" goes. Host (and Domain) Name, too. I'd try every name you find in the modem. Services can be a little harder to find.