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wireless access in Peterborough

I am in the middle of a wireless black hole it seems! Also no DSL available according to nexicom. Currently I'm using a cell solution, rocket stick from Rogers, but not only is it poor, it is also expensive.

I am in Cavan, close to Peterborough, surrounded by hills.

I've tried cable-cable, nexicom, and xplornet, no wireless service at my location. The xplornet guys want to sell me a satellite solution and I'm very tempted, but would prefer wireless, is there anyone else I don't know about?


I would recommend waiting another month or two, Nexicom is in the process of launching a 3.65ghz network from what I understand. They will likely be building more towers as well for the new network.

Also Satellite will do the job if you just want to check your email and facebook. If you want to do much more with it your not going to have a very good time.

Another option as well is asking nexicom how tall of a tower you require to get service. You might just be able to get away with a TV tower. You can get sections for them used for between $25 and $45 per section depending on where you get them.

You can go up to 2 sections above your gable of your roof with tv tower sections without a real risking it blowing over in a storm if you keep the wind loading low.

If you have a 2 story house you can typically put upwards of a 50 foot tower up. Assuming your gable is at roughly 30 feet.

If you require more height you will want a self supporting tower, You will want this professionally installed if it is not built right it will come toppling over during a storm. Self supporting towers get expensive but they are worth it.


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, I saw the signs about the new network Nexicom is putting in on county road 10, and I phoned them about that, it is not being extended to where I live. Damn shame because I think Nexicom is a great company, I had them for a few years when I lived in Millbrook.

You mentioned about getting a tower up and professionally installed, I thought about that, but couldn't find anyone that does that kind of work anymore, by you know anyone you couild recommend?

Peterborough, ON
Hey there... sorry to hear that you can't be reached. As you know, that area is full of very large hills and that can present challenges.

If you wanted someone from Nexicom to come out and let you know what you would need for a tower, there are folks that can help with that for sure. Drop me a PM if you like and I'll send it over to the folks that can help you out.