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reply to Wolfie00

Re: Anti-microbial soap recalled over microbial contamination

said by Wolfie00:

said by Gone:

Temperature doesn't even matter, as the temperature needed to have any effect on bacteria would scald you long before there's any benefit. It's all about duration of the scrubbing.

Quite true, and not to quibble, but temperature affects the lathering and cleaning performance of soap so it's important in that respect. Surgical scrubs generally use water that is as hot as practicable for the duration of the necessary 3- to 5-minute scrub.

It's also important to recognize that sanitation at a the surgical level has a different goal than sanitizing at home. Some level of bacteria is OK at home (even good). Any level of bacteria in an OR is really bad because you are dealing with compromised immune systems while introducing bacteria to the body via unusual routes.

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I agree with both your points. Just so it doesn't get lost in the noise, I should re-iterate that triclosan and chemically related substances used in home antibacterial soaps have potential systemic health effects as well as the potential for promoting bacterial resistance, and I personally think the former is even more persuasive than the latter, but studies are ongoing.

Incidentally, while alcohol is an excellent antibacterial agent, its efficacy is greatly enhanced by small amounts of water -- i.e.- anhydrous alcohol that is nearly 100% pure isn't as effective as when there is water present. Just an interesting counter-intuitive fact.