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Sterling, MI
reply to Blockfire

Re: Change in service

The same thing happened to me today. We moved into a new house and were told our phone and dsl would be available and carry over. Well, we moved and now they told us there's no DSL out there, but hooked up our phone. Even though our neighbor has att DSL, they said it may be on a different loop. I called tech support to ask for information about our loop and distance from CO, they told me they didnt know and to look it up online. I can't find it online. This was after 5 calls because they either hung up or dropped my call (not sure which).

All I can say is that don't trust these reps, I know i'm going to have to climb up the latter to get any kind of a decent answer. One of the reps even told me the sales office was closed and couldnt transfer me (and it was 2:00pm EST) and she hung up!

Do they have some of hidden agenda where they just don't want to hook up DSL anymore and risk losing customers?

·AT&T U-Verse
·Time Warner Cable
Try posting in »AT&T Direct ..
This is a secure part of this website; only you and an At&t rep can read it.. anyways; post your name, address, phone number where you can be reached and that you would like to be able to get dsl / uverse internet [whatever is available]. Please do not post a reply until after an At&t worker has posted a reply or it may take much longer to possibly help you. They can also get you the loop lengh as well. In addition; let them know that you were hung up on by a rep after they told you the sales office was closed at 2 PM EST..
[They can determine who the rep was that accessed the account based on the date / time... as I'm sure the computer logs it.]