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reply to bobjohnson

Re: [Speed] new "Performance Promo" is mostly unusable

where do you get the 760 number from? amps are 750 or 860. taps are 1000mhz.

said by bobjohnson:

So in short... You got the lineman for the job... Cool. I can mostly summarize in layman's terms. The shunt (attenuator) was there because there was a hot (or bad) 760mhz tap somewhere upstream and your signal was too high. The original installer put a band-aid on the issue which doesn't work with D3 as well as it does with the older Docsis specs, if at all. Your channels rotate frequencies depending on the demands of that particular system and one or more of your area's downstream channels are outside of that 760mhz range therefore throwing your whole system off balance and probably was not bonding because of the bad channel...