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Re: [WIN7] Copy complete directory tree

If you try to copy ntuser.dat file, you're doing something wrong... %USERPROFILE% contains a lot of files, that you don't want to deal / mess with.

What do you actually want to achieve? Move "My Documents" folder to another partition? Move "Favorites" folder? Something else?
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I was trying to move c:\Users to y:\Users because my c: partition has limited space and can't be expanded. (Windows folder is 27 GB).

See #3 here: »www.windows7hacker.com/index.php ··· ndows-7/

and this page:
»www.windows7hacker.com/index.php ··· ndows-7/

I tried creating a new User account (Administrator) to do the move but it hung as well on a Google Talk file that it said I wasn't authorized to move.

Since moving c:\Users isn't working, I instead moved Pictures, Music, Documents, etc. over individually and re-added those to Libraries.

I'm also looking at doing what's on this page:
»www.kavoir.com/2012/07/how-to-fr ··· asy.html

to move some of the big folders, including Windows\Installer and some big Google folders over using symbolic links with mklink.
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You can't simply move those user folders. It's possible at Windows setup time and you have to create special installation disk for that. That's what I did with WXP... And instead of common "C:\Documents and Settings" folder I have "C:\Users" folder there. And it works just fine.

Again, even you create a new user account there is no way in already installed Windows to move location of those folders.

Fortunately it's possible to to move some (main) folders inside. Like I've mentioned earlier, you can move "My Documents" folder (it contains all of our personal files). In order to do so, in WXP you have to get to Properties box for "My Documents" folder and change "Target folder location". It will help you to move all your files. There is some ways to move other sub-folders from your user folder too. E.g. you may move "Favorites" folder and even put it inside your "My Documents" folder (I do it e.g. for better manageability). But to move the user folder itself, sorry but you can't.
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...