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Re: New speeds Rogers cable - Teksavvy watch out

Ugh...this stuff is just so tiring. So what's the timeline on this? I don't mean how fast after the CRTC enforces it to the actual speeds being there for us.

I mean how long until the CRTC says or does anything on the subject? Submission was made recently, is it usually a 1 week thing or what.

Not sure how you even have the energy for this Marc. I just read about it and it's exhausting. Can't imagine what it's like actually dealing with these organizations...

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
said by I_needhelp:

So what's the timeline on this?

2013 - 2014 Its one of those slow glacial machinations, takes forever and a day.

They have to wade through tonnes of documentation and financials and perform convoluted logic exercises you know just like lawyers do. With the incumbents being the top doggies trying to control the outcome in their favour the majority of the time.

It might be comparable to a tit for tat game of patent ligitation, definitely not fun. Just look at the NHL lockout situation, now magnify that tenfold...

So yeah, its gona be a long time before we see the Intarwebs in Canada on an even keel with the rest of the world.
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