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Mississauga, ON

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Can't access web configuration utility in CISCO SPA2102

Before I had my SPA2012 adapter before my network router. Now my current setup is I have first my Cable modem followed by my network router and then my voip SPA2102 adapter is connected to one of the ethernet ports on my network router.

Everything is working fine , internet traffic and voice communication. However, I can only access the web configuration utility when I connect my PC to the spare ethernet port on the adapter via IP address When I connect my PC to my network router, I can't access the web based utility for my SPA2012 router. Both the adapter and PC are connected my network router so I should be able to access the web utility, unless I am missing something.

I entered in the following codes:

**** 110# and I got for Internet IP address
**** 130# and I got for Gateway IP address
**** 210# and I got for local IP address

I entered all these addresses and I can't connect from my PC. Can't find address.

Any help would be appreciated.

Da Geek Kid

flip your cables around. you prolly plugged in to wan port..

Raleigh, NC
reply to dieselgg
WAN port? I'd bet money it won't allow GUI access on the WAN (or isn't configured to -- had to flip that option on for the Obi.)

[* Note: the Obi can be set from a connected phone. I don't know about the SPA]


Mississauga, ON
I am not connected to the WAN port. I will do some more troubleshooting. I will figure it out eventually.