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reply to datguy11

Re: [PHONE] Are Cogeco tech's this vindictive!!

said by datguy11 :

What about the customers who try to use you as "free labor"??

I got scammed by some rich assh*le who wanted me to check the outlet behind the bed... the heavy bed frame made of solid wood

(remember rich folk usually have expensive nice furniture, not the cheap stuff that weighs nothing)

So i move the damn heavy bed out to "check" it and of course all they wanted to do was to clean the dust behind there! The outlet was never any concern and they werent even using it.

So b/c of assh*les like that, future customers suffer

I even had customers so lazy that they would not remove TOWELS from the closet (that I needed to access for connections)

One lady actually picked up the intercom and called down to the housekeeper who was in the basement laundry room to come up and move the towels out of the way.

I could have easily done it, but it was principle of it.. Too many people just assume that its your job to move things.

You know what, I get paid to do a specific job, not to re arrange your furniture..

Its the attitude that gets me, when you show me no respect and walk away from a full closet and just expect that I clean it out and put it back, thats when you get nothing

I feel sorry for you guys that have to go to residences and repair things. I don't think I would have the ability. I repair machines all day for various companies and that's bad enough, especially with my limited social skills. When customers are difficult, all I can tell you is try not to be rude. I'm always polite....... but will usually make a joke out of it if customers are difficult. I've found in my past 15 or so years, it's best to leave the customers with them not able to complain about you, but at the same time to find you deeply disturbing. It's a special skill that keeps us all amused.