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Re: Switching from Road Runner To EarthLink Cable to Save Money?

HI what do you mean by pay express account?

I called earthlink about it. They then transferred me to the person that was going to do it. However... that person said they couldn't sign me up for earthlink because they saw i was still under a service... which is time warner cable road runner.

I'm thinking could the reason be because there are 2 types of earthlink... the regular earthlink and the time warner earthlink? The person who i then spoke to on time warner chat told me if i switch to earthlink through them... it would be less hassle than canceling it and signing up with earthlink directly as i wont have any internet during that period which could take 10 days or so...

The earthlink person then said i had to call time warner to see whats the problem but i'm pretty sure when i first made the switch from road runner to earthlink like 1.5 years ago... im pretty sure i called time warner to do everything.....