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Austin, TX
·Time Warner Cable
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reply to Rangersfan

Re: Speed Upgrades Coming

The laws of physics say so.

AT&T will be using pair-bonded ADSL2+ (or maybe some vectored variant thereof) to deliver IP-DSLAM DSL. Getting 45 Mbps over two pairs might be possible a mile from the DSLAM, but that's pushing it.

75 Mbps? You're probably looking at pair-bonded VDSL2 in that case, unless you're within spitting distance (or 1000 wire feet) of the VRAD. You might be able to hit 75 Mbps pair-bonded at 2000 feet.

Maybe AT&T has enough VRAD density in some areas to deliver 75 Mbps service to most people who want it. I doubt it though. Even in NW Austin, where it feels like there's a VRAD every road mile, there are folks who can't get 24/3. Let alone something higher.



Copper line quality is going to play a big role, too.I have a single pair that syncs at 45 at 1900', so I'd probably be one of those households that could get 75M with pair bonding. If AT&T let me use the full bandwidth from my profile, I could have 32/5 service right now. If they just sold what me modem sync'd at and could handle (something the GW could handle on its own), I could have even faster service.

Warner Robins, GA

I agree with AT&T letting users get what the modem says they can. I think my modem, using AT&T's could support an 8Mbps down/ 1Mbps up instead of the 6Mbps down/0.5Mbps up I am at now. No, it would not be a massive increase, but it would cost AT&T very little to unleash the modems already in use.