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Re: Why can't HNG4 reach the same speeds as Exede12?

I have reached above 15MB. I have reached 20MB in the morning hours. During the day I don't always hit 15 but I'm at atleast 11. And to honestly be able to tell a difference in 11 and 15 you have to be looking at a speed test. You aren't going to really notice a difference in download speeds or web page's loading.

So far I've had no issues out of them. It's been a miracle out here in the middle of nowhere to have this service. I would have done anything just to have a 3mb DSL connection! But that isn't even here. So I'm not complaining if it drops down to 11MB during the day.


Edgewood, TX
what beam are you on? and what speedtest are you using? HN's speedtest or a 3rd party speedtest site?


I use both hughesnet speed test and speedtest.net I'm familiar enough with satellite internet to know how to get a pretty close reading on speedtest.net generally. But you got to really watch the meter because it comes in burst.

I got no idea what beam. Where do I find this information?


Hawthorne, FL
hughesnet123, open up your system control center », then click the system info tab on the top, then look near the bottom.. a box labeled "Satellite" for the beam ID. There is some other useful stuff in there too.
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