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New Jersey
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reply to Bob4

Re: Internet having issues after upgrading cable service

said by Bob4:

My received power went from +6.75 last night to -6.00 this morning. That's a drop of 12.75 dB overnight.

Last week it jumped by +8.5 dB. So that's from -2 to +7 to -6 dB all in a week.

Cablevision does mess with the power levels significantly. I wish they'd stop!

Power dropped to -7 even though it's relatively cold outside, and the errors are higher than they used to be.


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online

If you have any visible issue with your service (probably QOS related - pixelation, intermittent black screen, loss of audio on phone, slow speeds on OOL, dropped OOL/OV), I'd contact CV. They probably wouldn't change the levels on the CMTS more than twice (a temporary adjustment, and then back), and then adjusting the levels between the node & head end, so I would say your issue is almost definitely something in the field or at the home, and not a person making adjustments. If it's fluctuating that often and you see any issue, there's a problem.

You should reset the counters and see what sort of rate the errors are coming in at (or, write down the base numbers and refresh periodically, but that's more work).

Hampton Bays, NY

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frdrizzt See Profile,

its my understanding the CMTS unit CV is using "instructs" subscriber modems what US RF power level to operate at, hence why a duplex amplifier installed at the subscribers home where the US RF level is normal, will always provide inaccurate out of specification US RF levels on the diagnostic page of the subscribers modem/cable box.
so, if the US RF level is within spec (without a duplex amp) but the DS RF is out of spec, theres obviously an issue at the CMTS.
additionally, if the CMTS is receiving more than a fixed % of subs reporting "poor signal received", the CMTS will "up" is outgoing RF level by fixed increments until it is "satisfied".

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