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Try 'Firefox OS' In Your Browser

Now you can try out Firefox OS in your browser:

Want to play with Mozilla’s pure-web, open source Firefox OS? You could always flash it to a Galaxy Nexus or a Raspberry Pi, but what if you don’t have an experimental handset or dev board handy? Just launch Firefox and go all Xzibit on it: run Mozilla’s browser-powered operating system inside your browser. You can even try out its browser while you’re at it.

Mozilla’s development crew has released a new emulator that you can install like any other Firefox extension. It’s packaged as a .XPI, and there are dedicated versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems available for download. The Windows version, unfortunately, is a tad on the unstable side right now (“crashy,” as Mozilla puts it).

Just about everything works as you’d expect it to. You can visit the Firefox Marketplace and install apps, fire up the built-in maps app (powered by Nokia) and get travel directions, traffic details, and public transit routes, and fiddle about with the ineffectual FxOS settings on your imaginary phone...

You won’t get a full sense of how Firefox OS feels on a phone by playing with R2D2B2G, but it’s a hassle-free way to get a quick look at Mozilla’s take on a modern mobile operating system. Head over to Blue Sky On Mars and grab the .XPI if you’re ready to try it out yourself.

Mozilla Walks Developers Through Firefox OS:

Mozilla is about to enter the smartphone market in a big way. The non-profit will be offering Firefox OS on handsets in smaller markets, like South America. In fact, the team behind Firefox OS went to Brazil in August to show off the new mobile OS.

For everybody who wasn’t at the event, Mozilla has now uploaded the entirety of the talk in parts. Interested developers will get to see how Firefox OS was made, and get a sneak peak at all the Web APIs that Mozilla is cramming into the HTML5-based OS.