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Re: Structural Issues

I would semi agree with you however as other users have stated look at there monthly plans vs other monthly prepaid plans and not by the min plans, TMOs majority prepaid client el are on monthly plans. And even though TMO has exclusivity to 1700 aws band as long as there phones are multi-band/quad band and can roam there would be no problem ( If there was a real nationwide roaming agreement in place).

That is the major hurdle that holds TMO back. TMO does not have to fully cater to rural areas as there main goal is major metro areas. However the need to have basic service in these rural areas is a major drawback. One even straight talk knew and made sure not to ignore with there agreement with ATT. Anyone who has ever had straight talk knows there is no data coverage nationwide but access to talk/txt is. TMO You may not be able to have data access everywhere but you should be able to access talk and txt everywhere and thats the bottom line in claiming nationwide service.

With there prepaid rate plans I do believe they need to be more competitive. Similar to there plans on Walmart mobile, TMO very own prepaid 4G plans should have a add a line feature. $50 unlimited should be( or similar) add line 2 for $40, line 3 for $30, and line 4 for $20. An entire family of 4 could have unlimited everything for $140 a month and since that includes taxes it would even undercut all the big 3s offers. That would woo a lot of postpaid family plan customers of the big 3 to TMO. I previously had a family plan on sprint for 4 and it was not even unlimited and it was costing me $225 a mth for 4.

Im just waiting on the bump in data usage the 100mb has to go! It was talked about last yr before the buyout that they would raise that to a full 1GB of 4G before throttling and that still has not happened ( the pricier plans would be raise respectively as well). Well come on TMO time to shake up the prepaid world again.


With ST, if you have an AT&T SIM, you will get data everywhere the AT&T network is, including roaming partners.