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London, ON
reply to saphier

Re: Stuck on DOCSIS 2 speeds?

said by saphier :

So maybe one of you guy has another idea for something I can try!

Sadly, this is what I've been talking about for months. Problem is, Rogers can't deliver what they're selling now. Some areas are okay. The rest of us are screwed.

There's not much you can do about it except make sure your cat5 or cat6 cable is connected to the 10/100/1000mbps gigabit port on your motherboard and check your ping times to make sure it's not a line problem.

Rogers will probably get it figured out sometime but with this massive overhaul of the Rogers network it could be months or years till we're all getting what Rogers thinks they are distributing.

Don't get suckered into Rogers modem swapping scam. These things are tested at the factory and maybe 10 out of a thousand are faulty, if that.



Yeah, I didn't really believe it to be the modem as well, but I figure I would give the CSR the benefit of the doubt and attempt the one last fix.

But yeah, network is gigabit throughout the wired connection which I'm using to test, so I can eliminate problems on the user end.

I guess if I'm getting this speed on Rogers it means i'll probably get the same type of speed on the other cable providers in my area, since they lease their lines from Rogers? The icing on the cake at the very least is that they have less cost for more bandwidth.