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Need help configuring 3 router setup

Hi all,
I've been trying to get this to work for the last couple of days and im stuck. i was wondering if someone can help me out. i have gone through the setup process from this guide (»Verizon Online FiOS FAQ »Three router solution - Take 2) and im a little lost. My setup gets as far as the cables boxes not getting an ip address and I’m unable to access my dvr from the web. Here is what I have so far.

Primary Router: Netgear N600 w/ stock firmware
Wan IP: 74.a.b.c
LAN ip:
Forwarded Ports:
Tcp 4567 to
Udp 63145 to
Udp 63146 to
Tcp 35000 to
Tcp 35001 to

2nd Router: Linksys wrt54g with dd-wrt v24 sp1
Wan ip:
Lan ip: 74.a.b.1
Static dhcp to mac to 74.a.b.c
Forwarded Ports:
Tcp 4567 to 74.a.b.c
Udp 63145 to 74.a.b.c
Udp 63146 to 74.a.b.c
Tcp 35000 to 74.a.b.c
Tcp 35001 to 74.a.b.c

Wan IP: 74.a.b.c
gateway: 74.a.b.1
Forwarded Ports: Tcp Any -> 4567 All UDP Any -> 63145 UDP Any -> 63146 TCP Any -> 35000 TCP Any -> 35001

Thanks for your help.


i have an Ethernet connection from the ONT and use my own 3rd party DLINK as the main DHCP, the Fios Westell and my Linksys are just connected via LAN as a bridge

it sounds like you're making it way harder than it needs to be, by configuring all 3 routers to communicate through their WAN ports. which is what i tried to do initially just to save those 1-2 LAN ports

all you have to do is connect the Fios router, just like you do your 2nd router as a bridge through a LAN port of your Netgear N600, which will be the only hardware handling the DHCP and assigning IPs to everything, the other 2 routers should be connected by a LAN port.

all the port forwarding is unnecessary, just reserve the IPs(which ever ones they're assigned automatically) for all your devices and you'll be set to go

the Westell Fios router seems stuborn that you cant actually disable its DHCP and still use it as a bridge, so it will assign its own IPs but it wont get past your router because the IPs arent assigned or recognized by it, the Netgear IPs assigned for your STB's will go through as normal

same goes for anything you plug in to the Fios LAN ports, your Netgear will assign IPs

id recommend putting the STBs as the highest QoS or else you'll get alot of delays with guide menus from packet latency


with this configuration will remote dvr work? For example will i be able to schedule a show from the web or from the fios app?

Why is the port forwarding unnecessary?

So based on your response i should configure both actiontec and 2nd router as follows:
*disable dhcp
*give router an internal static ip address from my LAN
*no port forwarding
*create dhcp reservations for my cables boxes
*connect both actiontec and 2nd router to the primary router via LAN ports.

Please let me know if I missing something. Thanks.