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Re: Switching from Road Runner To EarthLink Cable to Save Money?

You can, but TWC can't do it without letting earthlink try to save you. Just seems too much effort to constantly switch and get mad to me.


jmruss so you are saying that if i change now to earthlink, then its not a problem. But its the 6 months from now, then they would say NO?

The reason im doing this is because im paying 29.99/month with road runner and after 1 more month, its going to be 44.99 if im not mistaken. So someone mentioned back to me 2 years ago just switch back and forth that way you get the 29.99/month either with time warner or earthlink.

How much are you paying per month after the promotion with earthlink at the moment? When i had road runner and changed to earthlink it was no problem. Then i did the change from earthlink to road runner and it was no problem as well... this was back 1 year ago and then 6 months later.

When i did this, the person at time warner who helped me didn't think it was problem though even though they knew i did this for the promotion.


I'm not sure of the processes anymore, but it's not the simple swap. You can swap back but you can't just call TWC first, they'll send you to earthlink so they can "save" you first, then you'll be able to swap. I'm saying it's not as simple as it used to be.