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Re: Recording security camera feed remotely

Are you looking for a poor man solution or an advanced setup. Based on your comments I assume you are looking for a cost effective, "get the job done" solution.

If you just want a simple solution without investing much, well you can simply use any camera with remote viewing and just do a video capture of the remote screen on the remote computer.

Even though a lot of mid range ip cameras offer upload to a remote service like FTP. Or simply look for a cloud based ip camera solution, I think Dropcam HD and Echo are one of them.

Also you wont need Lightning at the location unless you will be doing surveillance in HD. 640x480 h.264 @ 300K per frame and 30fps will only need slightly less than 1Mbit/s to stream.

tim tim tim

Lutz, FL

I actually just stumbled on the dropcam site a little bit ago and thats looking like the best solution for what were looking to do. The price is reasonable and the ease of use is worth it for my parents (or else Ill be there constantly trying to show them how to use it again).

I think for starters hes going to try 2 cameras, it says on their site that they only need .15 kpbs upload for a good quality image.. Im gonna give RR light a shot and see if it works, if not ill go to the standard tier and that should hopefully get the job done. This is the only thing the internet will be there for, its mostly a work shop/storage place for him. The office has lightning already