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Folsom, CA
reply to banditws6

Re: MS Surface, you gonna get one?

Glad you are enjoying it!! Did you get the keyboard doc with it as well? I'm curious as to how it works together.

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Frisco, TX
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I didn't, mostly because I couldn't find one at the time. I'm using a Bluetooth keyboard with it now which works great, but certain ergonomic situations make it difficult. If I can find a dock somewhere reputable I'm probably going to give it a try.

Incidentally I have a friend who bought a Surface when they came out, I told him about the ATIV 500T and he picked one up just to play around with it, fully intending to return it. He has since changed his mind and thinks he will keep it!

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reply to n_w95482
said by n_w95482:

Nope, I'm still happy with my HP TouchPad .


New York, NY
said by AlphaOne:

said by n_w95482:

Nope, I'm still happy with my HP TouchPad .


Running Android I find the HP Touchpad servicable,....

Its no PC though,....

There is no wacom digitizer support or pressure sensitivity so its much less functional for inking and the like,…

It was cheap though,….

I kind of wish I could get Windows RT to run on the HP Touchpad just to see what it would be like but I have Windows 8 Pro RTM on my Asus Eee Slate EP121 Core i5 tablet PC.

El Quintron
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Etobicoke, ON
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reply to signmeuptoo
A no here...

I got my Asus TF101 on sale ~18 months ago, and it still does what I need it to do. (eReader, video games, VoIP, ginormous ipod substitute, light surfing away from home)

I'm not a fan of anything Microsoft, so if I had to do it over again, I would get another Android tablet, but even if I didn't have a hate-on for Microsoft, I'm set tablet-wise for the foreseeable future.
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Ukiah, CA
reply to Octavean
Good points . I have mine dualbooting webOS and Android, although I mostly use webOS.

I have an old (Pentium M-era) Gateway convertible laptop at work that I installed the various 8 previews on. It ran decently, but unfortunately I couldn't get it to run at native resolution (8 doesn't seem to like its Radeon X1200 or thereabouts), and the digitizer driver randomly decided to stop working. I could probably get it to work a bit better with some effort, but it's low on my list of priorities.

New York, NY
reply to banditws6
said by banditws6:

The build quality of the ATIV isn't the greatest and it's done some weird stuff now and again, but overall I'm incredibly happy with it. I get a lot more use out of it (in the productivity sphere) than I ever got out of our iPad. The battery lasts a long time, too, definitely through a complete workday and beyond -- which is why I went with an Atom tablet instead of one of the more powerful i5 ones. I already have an i7 laptop with a battery that barely lasts to 4 hours, so if I need power, I already have a solution. The Atom is the perfect mix of capability and longevity.

Apparently, the Acer Iconia W700 does very well for a Core i5 based tablet. 7 hr and 13 min isn’t bad with respect to an average 8 hr work day. 8, 9 or more hrs would have been nice but for this class of performance and form factor its really good.

What's funny about the W700 is that it has the same chipset as other Windows 8 machines we've tested, along with a 1080p touchscreen -- precisely the sort of thing that would normally suck the life out of a battery. And yet, the three-cell, 4,850mAh battery lasts hours longer than bigger touchscreen Windows 8 systems with similar internals. Specifically, we got seven hours and 13 minutes of runtime after looping a video off the local disk with WiFi on and the brightness fixed at 65 percent. The next runner-up in our list is the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13, and if you look at the numbers, it wasn't even a close contest: it managed just five and a half hours in the same test, even though it probably has room for a larger-capacity battery than the W700. It only gets worse from there: we've seen touchscreen Windows 8 systems that barely cracked four hours.

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In contrast my Asus Eee Slate EP121 Core i5 based PC tablet only gets about ~3hr give or take but its an entirety different generation (two generations removed from Ivy Bridge).