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[DSL] frequent dropped connections and slower speeds

So for the past weeks, I've been connecting at slower speeds (1.5-2.4MBps, normally connect at 2.4-2.8) and it disconnects frequently during the evening and night hours, sometimes every hour, other times every 5 minutes. I've tried 2 different DSL modems and it doesn't make a difference. I know I'm far from the CO but I don't know why only now I'm getting slow connections and frequent disconnects.

Winnetka, CA
I'd like to check into this. Before I can do that, I need to find your account. Message me your account info (don't post confidential account details to the group). To send messages, you will need to join the site first. It's fast, easy, and free, and email addresses are not sold.


Once you join, just click on the small yellow envelope at the bottom of my post to message me.

I'll be here till 6pm PST Sunday. Message DSLX_Nick if you respond after that time. You can message him by clicking the instant message icon (that looks like a word balloon) at the top of the page.

reply to ratonlaveur
I got your account info. I'll have a tech contact you shortly.