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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
reply to TheMG

Re: Water and natural gas availability during power outage.

said by TheMG:

If both electricity and gas goes out during the winter, you're essentially screwed unless you happen to have a wood-burning stove to heat with. There's no way you're gonna heat a whole house with the electric output of a generator, unless it's a pretty big one, which pretty much no one has. It is not uncommon for us to have temperatures of -20C (-4F) or colder during the winter.

I agree with this fully. That's why I have a wood burning stove. I am quite frankly shocked by people who leave a critical function like heating their homes up to the whims of the grid.

But that's not the only solution. If you store fuel locally like LP (propane) or heating oil you can have a reserve that will not fall to the grid.

Everyone who can have a wood stove should have one. Even a pellet stove is a good backup.