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Re: Switching from Road Runner To EarthLink Cable to Save Money?

Hi. At first i called earthlink to sign up for it. Problem was they told me they couldn't sign me up for earthlink because they saw i already had a service... meaning the time warner cable road runner. They told me to call time warner cable to make the switch as they couldn't do anything. Does that make sense? Apparently you can't switch to earthlink without first speaking to time warner right?

They told me to contact time warner to make the switch. What i'm worried about is if 6 months from now, i cant switch back from earthlink to time warner.


And mathfaster another thing. When you had earthlink... didn't they give you a cable modem when you first got earthlink? You mentioned you got a new modem so am i correct to assume you had to return that modem you got from earthlink to earthlink or timewarner to avoid the monthly lease for the modem?