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Upland, CA

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Re: Switching from Road Runner To EarthLink Cable to Save Money?

I had TWC first before Earthlink. TWC gave me the modem. I switched to Earthlink after being with TWC for a year and a half. I only had a 6 month promo with TWC but they did not raise my rates to full rates until after a year and a half at which time I switched to Earthlink. As I stated previously, I switched to Earthlink via a Saveology(?) promo. I never had to give a modem back to TWC. Just used the one TWC gave me when I went to Earthlink. Things change and I switched to Earthlink over 6 months ago. This was all before TWC started instituting modem rental fees.

Read this by someone who posts on this forum about switching: »stopthecap.com/2012/11/05/bright···tal-fee/


Okay mathfaster. So right now you are paying Time Warner 29.99/month for the 12 month promotion pricing. But did you return that modem back To timewarner as OF RIGHT NOW? I"m confused here as I'm confused why don't you have to give back the modem back to TWC because if you don't, aren't you getting charged the modem rental fee?

Basically you switched to time warner on 11/1 and then returned the modem back to them after you purchased a modem sometime before you returned the old modem to time warner??

I'm bit confused with your wording.